It's Going To Rain — Raining Color With Pamela Froman!

You know that song “It’s Raining Men”?  It’s happy, it’s fun — right?  Well, that’s the song that plays in my mind when I look at this picture — except that it’s ‘earrings’ and ‘color’ instead of ‘men’. I am so glad that our friend Pamela Froman is making a return visit to Max’s with all of her latest and greatest, including so many of these beautiful stone earrings. If big stones aren’t your thing (think “different strokes for different folks” — clearly, I’m into an old song mood today!),  there are so many things to love about Pamela’s collection. Some people are drawn to her work because of the heavy pounded texture on her gold that she calls “crushed” or the way she seamlessly blends multiple colors of gold – yellow, white, rose or green – into the same piece of jewelry. Whatever it is that catches your attention, one thing is certain – Pamela’s jewelry is unique and stunning. I hope that you’ll stop by to meet Pamela and see her collection  — the show is Friday, November 2 (11-7), Saturday, November 3(10-6) and Sunday, November 4 (noon-5).


We're Going to the Dogs!

I mean that in a great way! Just in time for Halloween, and thanks to the organizing chops of our neighbors at Bubbly Paws, the retailers here at Excelsior & Grand are hosting Woof ‘n Treat on Saturday, October 7 to benefit Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. There will be trick or treating for both 2 and 4 legged friends at the stores in the area with, of course, extra chocolate sampling happening here at Max’s, a dog costume contest, horse drawn hay rides, a photo booth, a jumpy castle and tattoos for the kids, a food truck, beer samples for the adults, a pumpkin patch and so much more.  The event is from noon – 3 and it’s going to be a really fun day for the entire family here at Max’s and at all of the participating businesses at Excelsior & Grand. A portion of the proceeds from our chocolate sales for the entire day will be donated to Homeward Bound.  Woof!

I'd Love To Have Your Vote!

Since we’re in election season, I thought I’d get in on the action!  I received great news earlier this week when the oh-so-nice-and-wonderful folks at Mpls. St. Paul Weddings magazine informed me that Max’s has been named as a Diamond Awards finalist by their national panel of judges in the category of outstanding wedding jewelry.  Thank you so much!  As one of the three finalists in this category, I’ve learned that we’re also in the running for the People’s Choice honors which will be chosen solely on the basis of online voting from the public. This is where I am humbly asking for your vote — only, of course, if you think we deserve it!  🙂  While I of course want Max’s to be named #1 for wedding jewelry in the Twin Cities by the national panel, getting the People’s Choice recognition from our customers and supporters will be the most meaningful to me; that’s why we’re here — for our customers. The thing about this that is most rewarding to me is that when I first conceived of Max’s and put the plan together, as well as when I began to buy for the store, the wedding market was never on my radar screen. It’s only because our customers began to respond to our “non traditional” jewelry for their big day, and ask for more, that we began to really focus on wedding jewelry. We love working with couples to help them find those unique rings and other adornments that are compatible with their own style and personality.  Don’t see it?  We also want to work with you and one of our many designers to create a one-of-a-kind piece.  We’re happy for you and the new life you’re about to start, and we think that buying your rings should be a happy, fun occasion and a hassle-free experience.  So, there won’t be any robo-calls, I don’t have any buttons or bumper stickers, and I certainly don’t have any TV ads (although I did approve this message!) I’d simply like to say that I’d love to have your vote.  By the way, you can vote everyday!


Erica Molinari is Coming to Max's!

A riddle:   What do an Olympic luge team member, cashmere knit designer and a jewelry designer have in common?

Give up?

The answer:  Erica Molinari is all 3!  After an 18-year career as a member of the U.S. luge team and as a competitor in the Winter Olympic games, Erica got into the business of design, wanting to create something for herself.  Her collection of gold and sterling silver double-sided charms, coupled with pearls that are embellished with small diamonds, are so much fun to go through to select the ones that best represent your personality for a custom charm necklace or bracelet.  Erica will be in the store for a trunk show between Thursday, October 11 and Saturday, October 13.  And as if jewelry isn’t enough, Erica is bringing her collection of cashmere knits to the store for the show – a collection of adorned hats, gloves and scarves – perfect for this time of year!  I hope that you’ll join us as we welcome Erica to Max’s for her first visit to the store with both her jewelry and cashmere collections – Thursday from 11-7, Friday from 10-7 and Saturday from 10-5.

Max's Proudly Welcomes Korloff to Our Collection!

One of the things that is the most fun and exciting for me is to work with our jewelry designers and to select what I want to carry in the store.  People often ask me how I decide, and I have to tell you that it’s not easy, because there are so many talented people in the world creating really beautiful and unique jewelry.  It’s exciting when I find something – or someone – new – something that I haven’t seen before and, I hope, something that you haven’t seen all over town, if it all.  One of the things that I found this summer at the jewelry shows was in a category that’s brand new for us – watches!  I haven’t wanted to carry watches at Max’s because I felt as though everything great out there was already well represented in town.  Then I saw what can only be described as the uber-cool, chic and – well – gorgeous timepieces from Korloff.  French designed and Swiss made, these watches are double-faced – one side is sporty and the other is more formal – and the straps are reversible too.  It’s different for us right?  When I saw these, I knew that this is the type of watch I want to wear.  I’m really excited about these and I hope that you’ll like them too – let us know!

Max's Double Header: Part 2 — The One-of-a-Kind Show!

While we hope that the Stephanie Albertson trunk show is enough to entice you to come visit the store this weekend, we thought we’d work a little harder to make it almost impossible for you to stay away by having a second event at the same time! We’re launching our one-of-a-kind event this weekend (and this is the first time we’ve done this) with items from many of our artists that will not or cannot ever be replicated. How is this aquamarine and 18k gold bracelet from Klaus Spies for starters?  We think it’s pretty gorgeous. So while I believe, and hope that you do too, that we always have beautiful jewelry, there will be so many new things in the store this weekend that are just – well – fabulous. The one-of-a-kind show begins on Friday, September 7 and runs through Sunday, September 16.  (p.s.  to make it a complete triple-threat, there will be chocolates…..)

Max's Double Header: Part 1 — The Stephanie Albertson Trunk Show!

The fair is over, the kids are back at school, so it’s a perfect time to launch the second half of our 2012 event schedule!  Things get going September 7 with a trunk show and personal appearance with jewelry designer Stephanie Albertson.   When asked about her designs, Stephanie says: “My jewelry is about color and having fun. I love the whimsical, magical and expressive power of jewelry.  My jewelry allows the wearer to make a personal statement and express their individual sense of style.” We think that these oxidized silver bangles with gemstones surrounded by the warmth of 22k gold says that you’ll be stylin’ this fall.  The trunk show runs from Friday, September 7 – Sunday, September 9.

It's That Time of Year — Max's Semi-Annual Sale is ON!!!

Yep, it’s that time of year again and I’m serious about it! If it’s on sale, it’s marked down to at least 50% of its original price.  Yes, you read that right and while not everything that you’ve been admiring might be on sale, we’re serious about moving out the old to make room for a lot of new.  Maybe you’ll be more tempted by our new arrivals….hmmm…decisions…..

Come Get "Stoned" With Suzy Landa!

No, no, no.  Not THAT way! I’m talking about the unbelievable display of gorgeous colored stone jewelry that is here with us for her trunk show. Suzy’s use of exceedingly well-cut gemstones makes an otherwise pretty piece of jewelry pop out of the case as something truly spectacular, and the richness of the colors is just amazing.  Suzy’s jewelry is “happy” jewelry” and that’s not just the view of the sales staff here at Max’s — that’s what our customers say about it.  This is definitely adult candy!  The trunk show runs from Friday, June 22 through Sunday, June 24.

The Wedding Event!

This month, we’re doing something that we’ve never done before.   Rather than just hosting a designer specific trunk show, we’ve invited many of our artists whose work is in the store everyday, to send us additional pieces that are wedding-specific – for the bride and the groom!  Rings (like these beauties from Stephanie Albertson), earrings, necklaces, cuff links, attendants gifts – you name it, we’re going to have it.  And I am absolutely thrilled — big announcement here! — that jewelry designer extraordinaire, and red carpet favorite Erica Courtney will be participating in this event with many of her bridal rings!  I am not only honored, but flattered to have Erica’s beautiful work in the store.   For the wrap up to the wedding event, we’ve invited Suzy Landa to hold a trunk show during the last few days of the event.  While Suzy is best known for her dazzling colored stone jewelry – and she is bringing it all with her — she has expanded her bridal line significantly and it is really gorgeous.  We’ll be posting pictures almost every day of some of the arrivals for the event on our Facebook page, so you can see what’s coming.  Not getting married? Not to worry that there won’t be anything for you in the store this month — there will be plenty to see and a lot of it is new!  June is going to be a really exciting time at Max’s.  The wedding event takes place between June 15 – June 24, and the Suzy Landa trunk show is June 22 – 24.  I hope that you’ll stop in!

Back by Popular Demand — A Custom Design Weekend with Janis Kerman!

Ok, let’s be honest with each other.  We’ve all got those pieces of jewelry that we haven’t worn in years, and aren’t ever going to wear in the future but, for whatever reason – and I know that it’s usually a sentimental one – aren’t going to part with them either.  Well, what if you could take those items and convert them into an original one-of-a-kind design?  Well, one of our favorite things here at Max’s is the annual custom design event we have with Montreal-based jewelry designer Janis Kerman, and it’s taking place this weekend.   Janis will be meeting with customers who want to create something new — either from their unused jewelry and gemstones that are currently collecting dust in the drawer, or because they have an idea in mind of what they want but just haven’t been able to find the right thing.  Even if you’re not interested in a custom piece, I hope that you’ll stop by the store to see Janis’ other work– you may have heard me say this before, but I especially love her mismatched, asymmetrical earrings (like the ones pictured — oxidized silver, drusy and carnelian) and overall contemporary style of design. The event runs from Friday, May 18 through Monday, May 21, and if you’d like to meet with Janis to talk about a custom piece, please call the store at 952-922-8364 for an appointment.