It's Time for Another Trunk Show at Max's!

Yep, that’s right. We’re just keeping the trunk shows coming this year as we think it’s such a fun way to get to see the full collection from a jewelry designer. This weekend, we’re welcoming Dana David to Max’s. Actually, we’re welcoming both jewelry artist Dana Melnick and her business partner/husband David…thus the name of the jewelry line! Dana was a graphic artist prior to becoming a jewelry designer, and she has melded the 2 together with her scribble and graffiti pieces done in 18k gold and sprinkled with diamonds, as well as her icon necklaces and earrings including peace signs, hearts, the sun and moon and daisies finished with pave diamonds. I know that a necklace isn’t going to bring about world peace, but I have both the pave peace sign necklace as well as the 18k gold peace sign necklace in my personal collection, and I find myself wearing one or the other many days of the week. Dana has been hard at work at some new designs…come in and take a look! The show is this weekend….Saturday, August 1 from 10am – 6pm and Sunday, August 2 from noon – 5pm. Hope to see you here!

This Quote Makes Me Smile from Ear to Ear!

Many of you who know us here at Max’s know that we are huge fans of Vicente Agor…both his gorgeous jewelry as well as the man. We were thrilled to learn of the recent profile of him that San Francisco Magazine did as he so deserves this recognition. I have to say that his quote “life’s too short to be mousy” makes me smile inside and out every time I read it or hear it (and I’ve heard him say this MANY times!). Aside from causing me to have that screeching Road Runner moment in my brain, questioning whether I really want to walk out of the house wearing whatever it is I’m wearing for fear of invoking images of Mickey (maybe Minnie?) in others, it really does speak to a major fashion trend right now. Things have become so casual, it sometimes seems as there’s sometimes a blurred line between casual and “blah” (a.k.a., mousey). Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for casual and can usually be seen here in the store in jeans, but I do believe that great jewelry can not only make the outfit, but can also change the whole look of something that is otherwise very plain to an outfit that becomes striking in its simplicity and ease.

Ok, so it’s not going to go down in history as one of the world’s greatest quotes like “Ask not what your country can do for you….” or “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart”, but doesn’t it make you smile….just a little?

This is So Much More Civilized Than a Paper Cup!

Now I certainly don’t have anything against my local coffee shops (how could I…I’m there every day!!!!) but, given a choice, I would much prefer to drink my cuppa joe from one of these pretty hand-blown espresso cups from glass artist Shiloh Hunkapiller. For those of you who have shopped with us for a while, the pattern may look a bit familiar. Shiloh also makes beautiful holiday ornaments as well as candle snuffers (and yes, the candle snuffers will definitely make an appearance again this year at holiday time!…you let us know that we missed the boat by not having them last year!) in this dot pattern and we just love it. In addition to the espresso cups, we also have some port glasses in the same pattern which (I think) make a really beautiful gift….especially for a wedding or an anniversary. If you’ve been in recently and seen the glass ring stands on the counter, those are from Shiloh too!

We're Getting Ready for This Weekend's Todd Reed Trunk Show!

It’s always exciting to see the new things that Todd has been busy creating, and here’s a sneak peek at a few of the “pretty pretties”! I’m thrilled that this show will introduce some of his newest creations and I hope that you’ll be able to join us to admire this fabulous work. When I first saw Todd’s work, I was really drawn to the organic nature of it, and that seems to be the thing that customers react to the most when they see it. I like the mystery of the uncut diamonds, and the subtlety of the natural colored stones. The show is the Friday from 11am – 7pm and Saturday from 10am – 6pm. Of course we carry Todd’s work throughout the year, but for 2 days we’ll have his full collection. Even if you don’t have any intention of buying a diamond this weekend (!), this work is really special and something to see!

Tomorrow is the Rebecca Myers Trunk Show

….and we couldn’t be more excited as Rebecca has told us that she’s bringing her ENTIRE collection! YIPPEE!!!!!! I am a huge fan and can’t wait to see what she’s been working on. She’ll be in the store with us all day…until 7pm…so I hope that you’ll stop in and see some of her fabulous creations. I’m really loving these rings…..!

Happy Birthday America!

The 4th of July says summer to me more than almost anything! I love it! I have to admit that I’m a big kid at heart….I absolutely MUST go see fireworks on the 4th or the day is a total bust for me. We’re going to take the day off here at Max’s and hope that you are too…time with family and friends, time to just unwind and relax with a tall glass of lemonade (and maybe some chocolate?!?!?), time to begin writing the next great American novel….whatever it is you choose the do, we hope you have a great holiday. While we’re closed tomorrow, we will re-open on Sunday, so if you’re out and about, please stop in and see us! Happy 4th!

Chocolate Overload!

I attended the Fancy Food Show in NYC earlier this week and I think I’m still in chocolate overdrive mode! Is there a limit to how much chocolate one can eat in a day? I ask that question every year when I go to the show and I still don’t know the answer. Everyone always says that they think the show must be really fun to attend….which it is….but no one wants to believe me when I say that it’s a really hard show to do! Really, it is. Seriously. Keep in mind that all I’m looking for is chocolate and that starts at 10:00 a.m. You go from booth to booth tasting fabulous creations….toffees, caramels, bars, truffles….and by about 12:30 are pretty close to your sugar maximum. Oh, but wait. We’re only in row 900 out of 5700….must keep going. Do all of these toffees really taste different? Yes, yes they do. Perhaps it’s time to sample some of the coffees to clear the senses (especially the tastebuds) before we start over again. Maybe a little bit of bread and olive oil or some pasta with pesto. Ok, those were good, but we don’t carry those things at Max’s. More chocolate. But don’t forget that we kind of “stretch” our definition of chocolates for our holiday gift baskets to include chocolate cookies and/or brownies. Must taste those too. I mean, not all brownies are created equal…right? How about some hot chocolate? So, after it’s all over at 5:00, I always find myself in search of the biggest green salad I can find in New York! And then it’s on to day 2 of the show! It’s kind of funny….the Fancy Food Show is the only show that I shop that my husband wants to attend with me….what, he doesn’t want to go jewelry shopping? I can’t figure that one out!

In terms of trends, sea salt and hot chili pepper continue to be strong. I also saw a lot of chocolates with different herbs and spices. I loved the chocolate covered mustard seeds, as well as the spiced mendiants. Once all of the chocolatiers return home and get re-settled, we’ll be talking with them about some orders for the store, so stay tuned for some new products at Max’s!