Max's Proudly Welcomes Korloff to Our Collection!

One of the things that is the most fun and exciting for me is to work with our jewelry designers and to select what I want to carry in the store.  People often ask me how I decide, and I have to tell you that it’s not easy, because there are so many talented people in the world creating really beautiful and unique jewelry.  It’s exciting when I find something – or someone – new – something that I haven’t seen before and, I hope, something that you haven’t seen all over town, if it all.  One of the things that I found this summer at the jewelry shows was in a category that’s brand new for us – watches!  I haven’t wanted to carry watches at Max’s because I felt as though everything great out there was already well represented in town.  Then I saw what can only be described as the uber-cool, chic and – well – gorgeous timepieces from Korloff.  French designed and Swiss made, these watches are double-faced – one side is sporty and the other is more formal – and the straps are reversible too.  It’s different for us right?  When I saw these, I knew that this is the type of watch I want to wear.  I’m really excited about these and I hope that you’ll like them too – let us know!

Max's Double Header: Part 2 — The One-of-a-Kind Show!

While we hope that the Stephanie Albertson trunk show is enough to entice you to come visit the store this weekend, we thought we’d work a little harder to make it almost impossible for you to stay away by having a second event at the same time! We’re launching our one-of-a-kind event this weekend (and this is the first time we’ve done this) with items from many of our artists that will not or cannot ever be replicated. How is this aquamarine and 18k gold bracelet from Klaus Spies for starters?  We think it’s pretty gorgeous. So while I believe, and hope that you do too, that we always have beautiful jewelry, there will be so many new things in the store this weekend that are just – well – fabulous. The one-of-a-kind show begins on Friday, September 7 and runs through Sunday, September 16.  (p.s.  to make it a complete triple-threat, there will be chocolates…..)