It's Time for a Party — And Alex Sepkus Jewelry!

This winter has been sooooo cold, sooooo snowy and soooo long, and we are anxiously anticipating lots of blooming flowers next week thanks to all of the rain we’ve had this week, and the fact that it’s (finally) May!  Last fall, Max’s became the Twin Cities’ exclusive retailer for Alex Sepkus jewelry, and I couldn’t be any  more proud of that.  We’ve decided to now celebrate the addition of Alex’s jewelry to the Max’s collection with a party!  Alex’s jewelry is recognized world-wide for its modern take on designs from earlier times including the Baroque and Renaissance eras and is often described as “playfully quirky”. Each piece of his jewelry is like a mosaic made from gold, platinum, diamonds and colored stones — a compilation of many intricate pieces that has to be done under a microscope.  The rings in this picture are some of his “candy rings” which are among some of my favorites from this very extensive collection.  We’re having a trunk show featuring Alex’s collection on Friday and Saturday, May 2-3, with an opening night reception and wine tasting with our friends from Amusee on Thursday May 1 (6pm-9pm) – and, yes, the jewelry will be available for purchase that evening.

But wait — there’s more!  May just happens to be Max’s “birthday” month (May 22 is the exact date for anyone who is keeping track), and we think that calls for a party too!  So, whatever it is that brings you in, I do hope that you’ll stop by to help us welcome spring (yes, puh-leese), see some absolutely gorgeous jewelry, and help us celebrate our birthday.

Something Old, Something New; The Janis Kerman Custom Design Event

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the garage, and “something old, something new” doesn’t apply only to brides.  I have a feeling that many of you are like me when it comes to the issue of “old” jewelry that’s sitting around in the back of a dresser drawer.  It could be things that caught your eye at the time but are now far removed from your style, or maybe it’s some heirloom pieces that belonged to others in your family that you don’t quite know what to do with – but you do know that you’re not wearing them very often (or ever at all).  For me, it was an issue of realizing that I had some beautiful things that I wasn’t wearing very often.  I still really liked all of them but, because I now mostly wear jewelry from the artists whose work we represent in the store, I wasn’t wearing them.  Enter Janis Kerman.  Janis is a master at taking your “old” jewelry — pearls, diamonds, charms and other stones – and designing a piece that you’ll actually wear.  This necklace is made from my mom’s pearls that I wore to my wedding, pearls that my husband gave me when he was my fiancee, aquamarine earring studs and an aqua/diamond necklace that he gave me, and the bracelet and earring jackets that I wore to my wedding.  This is now such a special, sentimental piece of jewelry that I love to wear — and look how many individually sentimental items I can wear at once!

So, if you have some of that “old ” jewelry — come on, you know you do! —  I invite you to think about scheduling a design appointment with Janis to create something special for you.  In addition, Janis has her own line and is well known for her asymmetrical “mismatched” earrings that I absolutely love.  The custom design event and trunk show will take place Thursday, April 24-Saturday, April 26.