Random Acts of Kindness

It was just “National Random Acts of Kindness Day”. Apparently, the entire week has been earmarked for random acts of kindness. Hmmm….. Do we really need a designated day or week to remind us to be kind? That seems a bit sad to me but, given everyday events in the news and the tone of the current political discourse in our country, it certainly couldn’t hurt. Mary Fisher, an activist, artist and philanthropist, created the 100 GoodDeeds bracelet as a way to mark our kind acts every day. I had the privilege of meeting Mary almost 2 years ago and fell in love with these bracelets that she created and what they symbolize. Every time you do a good deed, you move the marker over one of the 100 beads. She calls it a game, saying that the only rule is that you can’t tell anyone that you’ve done a good deed. According to Mary, “a good deed means we’ve gone out of our way to help someone and only counts if the deed remains anonymous.” No attention, no public pats on the back — just a way to make good deeds and acts of kindness come a bit more to the forefront of our minds. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets goes back to the vulnerable women in Africa who made them. Definitely a huge good deed — and I love that it’s quite intentional.

You’re Invited to Breakfast at Max’s for Valentine’s Day!

That well known celebration of love is upon us – you know what I’m talking about – it’s Valentine’s Day! – and you’re invited to Breakfast at Max’s on February 13. We’re calling it “baubles, bites and bubbly” because you’ll be able to enjoy delicious breakfast treats to eat and drink from our neighbors at Blackstone Bistro while you shop for all of your Valentine’s Day gifts. In addition to that, we’re having a live MyTalk 107.1 Shop Girls broadcast going on, because it just wouldn’t be the Saturday before Valentine’s Day around here if Allison and Harmony weren’t in the store talking jewelry and chocolate gift ideas.  And, while Audrey Hepburn can’t join us (and we do think that our cover girl Kate does a great job at channeling Ms. Hepburn from that certain movie about breakfast in front of a particular jewelry store…..), we certainly hope that you will — no reservations needed!  The breakfast fare will be available between 10:30 – 1:00, with the live broadcast taking place between 11-1.  As an added bonus, the first 25 people who come for breakfast will receive a heart “token” from that can be redeemed any time on February 13 at Blackstone Bistro for a cocktail of their choosing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  While many dismiss VDay as being too commercial and simply made up, we choose to embrace the spirit of the “season” as we don’t believe that there is ever such a thing as too much love!