100 Good Deeds


This item is currently out of stock. Please call for more information: 952-922-8364.

Mary Fisher’s 100 good deeds bracelets feature glass beads hand strung on cord by vulnerable women in 3rd world countries. Each bracelets has 100 beads, and a plastic “slider.” Every time you execute a good deed, move your slider up one bead. The goal is to accomplish 100 good deeds in a year — but the there is a rule. You are not allowed to tell anyone about the deed you did. This bracelet is to provoke good doings for the sake of doing good.

100% of proceeds from each bracelet are donated to the women who made them. With these bracelets, these vulnerable women are not only raising money to improve their life, they are learning valuable skills that will help them grow their own jewelry making business. Each bracelet is packaged in its specific box, signed by the woman who made it.

Bracelets come in 2 sizes, small and large, and a wide variety of colors. Please call or email to inquire about our available bracelets. All bracelets are $30.

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