R. Nichols

The mission of R. Nichols is to bring joy and sophistication to the world through creative, happy designs. Illustration is the core of R. Nichols and drives the business; the recognizable silhouette style derived from the craft of cut paper has set R. Nichols apart with a look all their own.

R. Nichols loves to feature the beauty and humor of everyday life in their designs. Inspiration comes from the world around us: a cat on top of the fridge, the Golden Gate bridge, a sleek urban shopper, flowers in spring. We hope every image evokes a special feeling of relevance and joy to the viewer.

Customers are treated to perfection in all that we create, from the illustration, to the packaging, to the quality of the product. We strive daily to give others value, professionalism and style. We are grateful for our retail and wholesale customers and treat them with honesty, grace and appreciation.

Edgewood Made

Edgewood Made exists within the intersection of nature and manufacturing. Understanding the space in which these entities coexist is at the foundation of what drives our design. We utilize nature as our inspiration and manufacturing as our medium – following the rules that both set in place, but never allowing for one take over the other.

Edgewood Made creates goods for every aspect of life in the home. We believe that well-made objects should be a part of our everyday lives, and that these objects should intrigue and draw in the user more and more with each use. Our forms and proportions reference nature and its hidden geometries that dictate how natural structures grow and form shape.

Quality and Materials
Behind our products is a drive to not only bring manufacturing back to America, but also make sure that it is of the highest quality. For us this means obtaining materials at their rawest form, and maintaining close control over each step that brings them closer to functional objects. Great care is taken in each detail and step of our process, insuring that our craftsmanship is at the highest level.

Two Tone Studios

Two Tone Studios creates contemporary designed hand blown glass objects with a nod to the past. Each unique design is handcrafted by husband and wife team Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz, who met as graduate students at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The work they create includes decorative objects and tabletop items such as drink ware, bowls, vases, cake stands and covered dishes. Their designs blend clean simple lines with a fresh color palette to produce beautiful hand made objects that people can live with each day and enjoy fully.

Inspired by mid century designs and colors, Sugiki and Zerkowitz collaborate on the process every step of the way. Each bringing their unique sensibilities into the work to create a collection that is both distinct and unique.

David Royce

“My current body of work is focused on utilizing new and unusual ways to marry metal with glass. The series draws on personal experiences I’ve had over the years as well as explores the boundaries of glass and metal. The pieces are blown, carved and polished glass, cold assembled to hand fabricated metal armatures as well as sheet metal inlays. I enjoy the honest work each day of creating something completely from my hands and stretching myself to always create something better.”

David Royce began his glass blowing career in 2000 at the age of 15. He served as an apprentice for Tom Rine and Thomas Maras at Island Glass Studios in Minneapolis throughout the rest of high school while also studying studio glass blowing at a local community college. He studied glass art at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls under Jim Engebretson for one year, but after a study abroad program in Taiwan he changed direction and earned a B.A. in child psychology with a minor in Chinese language and literature from the University of Minnesota in 2006.

While attending the U of M, Royce joined Foci: Minnesota Center for Glass Arts, as a studio manager and instructor. There, he re-discovered his passion for glass-making and has been a full-time independent glass artist since 2006. He served on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Center for Glass Arts while running his own studio in St. Paul, MN. In 2010 he built his own studio in Little Canada, MN where he works today. He has been a visiting professor at the U of WI, teaching beginning glassblowing, and has taught and provided mentorships at Foci.

India and Purry

India & Purry Designs is a capsule collection of decorative pieces for the home by artist Jessica Hollander.

Jessica is a Brooklyn artist with a deep reverence for nature and its nuanced beauty. The collection is derived from her oil paintings, using small sections of larger canvases. She considers each of the paintings to be portraits, studying and celebrating the unique intricacies of specific trees and flowers and using this dialogue to transmit the peaceful, healing energy of nature.

Nodrog Studios

Colorado- The hearts are a very special piece for me. The creation of them began in the latter part of 2000 when a request was made for a glass heart. The challenge for me was that I did not want to make hearts like those already being made. After giving it quite a bit of thought, I tried different things, and kept working at it until I came up something that I liked. In January of 2001 I participated in a show with my hearts, the response was so incredible that it led me to decide to create my own studio so that I could fully pursue this art form.

The hearts are very symbolic and have become my signature piece. Each heart that I make is unique from all of the others I have created and those I have yet to create. To me the heart symbolizes harmony, synergy, love, awareness, thoughtfulness and peace. It is everything that is contained in the higher consciousness that we can all attain, and together make the world a beautiful place.

Graham and Kane

Minnesota- Inspired by experiences that linger in life’s muscle memory, we delight in collecting observation. It is life’s entire landscape that informs the moment. Whether at home basking in the familiar of favored luxuries or surrounded in a life’s dream fulfilled, our goal is to make the everyday as treasured as the memories that make the sacred photo album.

Our combined backgrounds in design and style meet at a divine cross road of esthetic and emotion. These together, strike the perfect balance and inform our lifestyle product expressions. We, individually, bring unique, tailored and definitive points of view, informed by our keen connectedness to our day-to-day and our community.

When stirred, our collaboration’s goal is to optimistically affect intimate and memorable moments.

Our mission is to produce product experiences that inspire people’s passions and transform environments into unique memories.

Our Goal:
Create emotional impact
Deliver the gift of delight
Inspire peace

Girardini Design

Maryland- We are a husband and wife design team and have been working with metal since 1990. We have had the good fortune to participate in some of the finest juried craft shows over those years, and work with many wonderful craft galleries. We strongly feel that objects that people interact with daily need to be well designed and functional in addition to being beautiful.

Our primary medium is cold finished steel that has been cut, welded, ground and finally coated with a lacquer finish to protect the surface.

We are self taught in all aspects of our metal work. We explore daily with different finishing techniques. Grinding, polishing, patination of metals to achieve a light reflective and alluring surface. Ken welds using a TIG welder. We have various tools to cut metal including a Plasma Torch. This is a hand held device that allows for artistic expression. After all, we are artist’s in the end.

Ginny Herzog

Minneapolis- “Glass staircases with steel cable railings; corrugated metal roofs against stucco facades; exteriors of commercial buildings nestled between stainless appliances in kitchens with sleek, wood cabinetry; window views with disappearing city skylines; shelving units with file cabinets underneath steel beams; hallways disappearing through doorways – all are examples of architectural elements which appear as distorted images in my abstract mixed media paintings. Architecture has been the inspiration for my art for over twenty years.

Often I am asked to do site specific work based on a single building or a body of work by an architect. Occasionally, there is reference to the footprint of the building or floor plan.

Exploring the endless possibilities of architectural designs and compositions, without the need to be concerned with the feasibility to actually build these designs, gives me the artistic freedom that architects seldom have. I have enormous respect for architects and their ability to create artistic visions that can be constructed.

My pieces welcome repeated visual engagement and discovery and may be hung either vertically or horizontally, which allows the viewer multiple perspectives and interpretations of the composition.”

Emily McDowell

Los Angeles- A few things about us: We believe humanity is an endless source of inspiration, we think funny and pretty don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and we find it creepily satisfying whenever a customer asks if we’ve been reading their diary, because it means we’re doing something right.

This company was founded on the success of one card that spoke to a truth about Valentine’s Day in a way that wasn’t yet represented in Greeting Card World, and that’s what we most like to do here: identify universal, emotional truths and observations on being human, and turn them into products that speak to people.

Joy Stember

Pennsylvania- “The clean lines and repetitive nature in urban landscapes inspire my work, as well as mid-century design. I use a variety of metals such as pewter, brass, bronze, silver and copper to produce my designs. My work is handmade in the United States and each piece is lovingly fabricated by scoring and folding sheets of pewter to make 3 dimensional works of art. The gorgeous textures are pulled from many influences and are embossed into the metal. As a designer and maker, my intent is to encourage the importance of American high-end craft in the modern home by creating contemporary heirlooms for a new generation of collectors.”


Chicago- “I spent weeks researching and experimenting with materials and techniques until I figured out what worked. I knew I had found my niche and began working on the designs that give Kiku it’s distinctive style. My imagery and drawings are primarily inspired by pop culture, pattern and nature. I particularly love mid-century modern and Japanese design aesthetics, in fact the name “Kiku” means “chrysanthemum” in Japanese. Using fine enamels, I print with multiple screens onto layers of glass to create depth and, using my knack for color and composition, pair it with an amazing glass color palette. One thing I especially love about the ability to print an image on glass is that it enables me to do a variety of custom work for my customers, which has become a specialty of mine. I approach the design of each new piece, whether my own image or a custom design, looking to strike a visual balance between the graphic printed image and the nature of glass: color, translucence, light and depth- the qualities that originally called me to the medium. While my work is very graphic, I’m a practical girl so most of my pieces are as functional as they are pretty.”