Carrie Hoffman

LA based Carrie Hoffman began making jewelry inspired by her love of art, design and architecture. Her designs have evolved into an elevated, modern jewelry collection that strikes the balance between cool and classic. Thoughtfully designed and built for real life – from day to night – with a minimal, modern and chic aesthetic, Carrie’s designs provide a contemporary perspective on her classic jewelry training and made and produced in LA from the finest quality materials.

Page Sargisson

Ever curious about the world around her, Page Sargisson seeks out objects whose texture, shape and history inspire her. With her ability to see beauty where others might not, Page repurposes and transforms these found objects into uniquely textured, handcrafted jewelry, and in doing so, helps bring out the artist in those who wear these special creations.

Page grew up working in her grandfather’s woodworking studio and learned to carve, sand and make dovetail joints with him – after graduating from Brown and working a corporate job, she took a wax carving class that brought her back to my childhood passion of creating and carving. She designs jewelry for people like her, jewelry that can transition from dropping off the kids at school in the morning to work and dinner out at night.

Page’s pieces are all handmade in NYC using recycled metals. Her work has a distinct look since she transfers textures from old letterpress blocks, textiles and woodblocks – this seems to attract a clientele who like to “collect” her pieces. In a world where so much is mass produced and 3D printed, the “brushstrokes” of her carvings allow the end customer to connect to the artist and imagine the work that went into creating each piece. Page Sargisson Jewelry proudly sources all materials with the environment in mind – in fact, most of our pieces are inspired by found objects.

Luana Coonen

Luana was born and raised in Hawaii, where she lived a simple and creative life, always close to nature. Upon moving to the Bay Area to earn her BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing, she quickly noticed the dramatic contrast of a densely populated city to the lush, unhurried pace of tropical Hawaii. Realizing her strong affiliation with nature and organic growth patterns, she now finds even the smallest flower or blade of grass more precious than ever. She expresses her deep and abiding love of nature’s tiniest wonders through her artwork, finding ways within her work as a jeweler to amplify the beauty of simple natural objects and to bring attention to our emotions. This is reinforced by her passion to use found objects and renewable materials. Luana currently enjoys hiking, teaching goldsmithing & business workshops, traveling internationally, and spending time in her jewelry studio in Sebastopol creating new designs.

Wendy Brandes

Jewelry design is Wendy Brandes’s second career. Wendy started out as a business journalist at the Wall Street Journal and CNN, later switching to pop-culture coverage during her tenure as managing editor of People magazine’s website. Her story-telling skills remain as strong as ever — but they’re now expressed in carat weight and grams of gold instead of word count. Her line is divided into three distinct collections, inspired by the unique qualities of specific precious metals but tied together by the fact that every design earns the title of “Fine Jewelry for Witty People.”

Wendy has been featured in publications including the New York Times, InStyle, Elle, W Magazine, Paper, and British Vogue, and her jewelry has been spotted on Rihanna, model Bella Hadid, Britney Spears, and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Skylar Grey. Wendy received Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award for fine jewelry in 2012 and the Women’s Jewelry Association Award for Excellence in 2017. Her work has also been recognized in the AGTA Spectrum Awards, JCK’s Jeweler’s Choice Awards, the InDesign Awards, and the American Jewelry Design Council New Talent Competition.

Wendy also finds time to be a sly satirist and blogger on fashion, popular culture and history. Her observations have led her to declare, “Never Is the Next New Thing™”, meaning that what you think won’t happen often winds up taking over the world! She experienced that personally when she defied conventional wisdom about luxury goods and led the industry into the social-media realm by launching her humorous and frank blog in 2007. You can also follow Wendy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Atelier Zobel

I was recently asked why I became an artist – what was the inspirational spark? I thought back to my childhood, the hours I spent climbing over the stacks of wood in my father Carlo’s lumberyard in rural Ostrach and the countless books I read: densely printed pages through which I discovered the rest of the world. I was captured by the fantastic places described in these books, but moreover by the atlas that took me on my most remote adventures – if only in my mind’s eye. All these years later, I love to travel, to meet interesting people, to collect pictures of street art, contemporary and medieval architecture, patterns, textures and tastes – all of which I approach with a child-like appetite for discovery and curiosity. It is this same curiosity that attracts me to a specific stone, to explore the juxtaposition between color combinations or between two unusual objects, then uncover a feeling, an encounter, a story, and draw it into a single object.

A major source of my inspiration is found in natural structures and growth patterns. This could be the contrasts between opposites, like a delicate flower blossoming on a sturdy stem; or the view from a window in New York, high above the street, where people, nature and technology seem to merge into a single, complex graphical entity. We have a strong affinity for forms and shapes, for textures, colors and contrasts. And, while we honor the fragile beauty of something that has grown naturally, we also find great beauty and hidden patterns in the urban world. My intention is to be receptive to the world’s many artistic and visual influences and the infinite variety of stimuli they provide. For example, a few years after I studied goldsmithing at the Vocational College of Design, Jewelry and Tools in Schwäbisch Gmünd, I became interested in the Japanese lacquering technique urushi and was awarded a scholarship to study this in topic depth at the Escuela Masana in Barcelona. The world inspires us on many levels, and I seek to embed each layer of inspiration in our work.

You might have heard Peter Schmid referred to as a ‘stone whisperer’. He sees it as central to his craft to know gemstones intimately, as individual personalities. He begins by selecting stones that are very distinct, both in character and in the extraordinary way they are cut. Peter looks carefully at each stone, feeling it in his hands and listening to it tell him how it wants to be presented – how he can help it become truly alive. Then he takes time to carefully set the stones in ways that intensify their sparkle, brilliance and luminous colors, or highlight their specific structure. By working in this way he may turn an individual stone into a brilliant star, or help it take its place in a dialogue with other unique stones, each of which enhances the allure of the other. Every stone and every piece has its own distinct story. When you visit our studio you may well see some of Peter’s personal collection, and perhaps hear him tell a tale or two: each stone has its own individual history, bound up in its intrinsic energy. There are other stones still waiting for their moment. This is the time when some inkling, idea or inspiration convinces Peter that it’s time to put a particular stone to work in a specific piece of purpose-designed jewelry, so it can leave his collection to join that of a client. Indeed, many of Atelier Zobel’s clients are passionate collectors who enjoy owning and treasuring his jewelry creations just as much as they relish wearing them.

Margery Hirschey

Colorado- The Margery Hirschey collection is marked by an incorporation of ancient style and techniques with a modern sensibility. Through an artistic eye for color pairings and the use of thoughtful asymmetry, the natural beauty of the materials is able to truly shine. The collection’s innovative approach strives to take jewelry design beyond the confines of what is considered, “fine jewelry” to create beautiful, unique pieces which stand the test of time without conforming to traditional standards.

Trained as a fine artist and having studied couture dressmaking with the late, New York couturier, Charles Kliebacker, Margery Hirschey brings together her talents to create exquisite, one of a kind pieces, entirely handcrafted in 100% recycled, 22k and 18k gold, sterling silver and hand cut stones. Each piece is a work of art inspired by ancient goldsmithing but with a very modern sensibility, designed for today’s very modern woman.

Ms. Hirschey launched her jewelry line in 2008. Her first pieces caught the eye of the Designer Jewelry Buyer at Bergdorf Goodman who encouraged her to create a full line. With virtually no experience in the business, in a makeshift studio, Ms. Hirschey created a stunning and sophisticated collection which debuted at a trunk show in the Designer Jewelry Salon at Bergdorf’s in Fall of 2008. Since that time, Ms. Hirschey’s work has graced several red carpets and has been featured in the internationally acclaimed book, “The New Jewelers” by Olivier Dupon published in 2012. In January, 2014, Ms. Hirschey received the 17th Annual Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for Fine Jewelry. Margery Hirschey jewelry is available at fine stores across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Lene Vibe

Denmark – In 1995 Lene Vibe began to work for Georg Jensen and after three years, she moved to Copenhagen, and became an apprentice, also for George Jensen. Lene took the four-year goldsmith course and opened her own store and wholesale business in 2002.

As a woman designing for other women, Lene believes that it’s not about the fashion of the moment, but, rather about wearing and buying what her clients believe they will love forever and, most importantly, what pieces will look good on them. She handpicks all the baroque South Sea, Keshi and Tahitian pearls as well as the antique cut natural colored diamonds, and precious stones she uses in her jewelry. Nothing is sketched first. Everything she creates takes place in her head and comes out through her hands.

Lene believe on an international level, women are looking for special more exclusive pieces. Her goal is to continue to create this type of jewelry and to educate women on the most intricate of details in her three dimensional gold work, the intrinsic beauty of the imperfections of pearls and the inherent character of rose and flat cut diamonds. “It’s these very imperfections, inclusions and rare qualities that breath life into my jewelry and will give them history and an heirloom quality in years to come.”


Donna Veverka

Boston: Born just outside of New York City and currently living in Boston Massachusetts, Donna Veverka grew up going to the MET and has always loved Museums and antiquity. She studied at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia College of Art and Design. Donna received a BFA in metalsmithing, and an MFA in Sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Donna and her husband spent 6 months in Italy and still travel there extensively (10 trips and counting!) doing research in museums and historic sites to discover compelling forms that capture her imagination. We hope they capture yours.

Donna Veverka was trained as a metalsmith, blacksmith, and sculptor, she is a one-woman atelier. Working in silver using traditional techniques Donna produces edgy earrings, tuff cuffs and powerful rings for anyone with an adventurous soul.

The working process involves a combination of lost wax casting, hand-forging, and hand fabrication. Sterling silver is Donna’s medium of choice, with leather or custom braided cord used on necklaces for both style and comfort. Each chain is individually made with links formed, hammered or soldered by hand. Every piece is carefully finished with attention to hammer marks, burnished edges and contrasts between matte surfaces, highly polished accents and blackened silver to emphasize the sculptural qualities.

Donna works designing custom commissions, one-of-a-kind works and comprehensive collections for select shops, galleries and audiences at craft fairs around the US.

Martha Sullivan

Martha’s passion developed by working with metal. Drawing upon this fascination, she has devoted herself exclusively to the pursuit of innovative metalsmithing and jewelry design. Martha synthesizes diverse elements to create designs that cast an enduring impression. Using several techniques in her work including fabrication, casting, roller printing, and engraving. Her designs are stamped with signature Sullivan patterns, with the finished piece oxidized to enhance both texture and form.

Martha is intrigued by the idea of decorating one’s self and how that translates into a common thread across societies. Individuals and societies have always used ornamentation as a form of personal or collective expression. She creates jewelry to help people share their story and to enhance individual statement.
Working out of her studio on the coast of Maine, Martha handcrafts wearable treasures made of sterling silver & gold accented with precious stones and pearls. Blending traditional and exotic influences, her inspirations extend from ancient civilizations to modern architecture. While traveling around the country to shows the past several years Martha has heard many Maine love stories. Seeing this as an opportunity to inspire in her work. The textures of the Maine coast have been translated into a unique collection.

Ever an artist, Martha is committed to exploration and conception, reflected in the ongoing evolution of her craft. Inspired by the response to her work, Martha is presently pursuing national representation and exhibition. As visually dramatic pieces of wearable art, Martha’s creations are sure to create a sensation in any gallery, boutique or private viewing.

Bree Richey

Bree was born into a family of artists and found her own affinity for art at a young age exploring the worlds of sculpture and drawing. Come college, Bree attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and was drawn into the jewelry studio where she discovered her love for the craft.

After college Bree continued her education at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, and apprenticed with jewelry designers Conni Mainne and Jayne Redman.

Known for bringing a modern twist to classic jewelry design, Bree is influenced by her Scandinavian heritage as well as her love for mid-century modern design. Crisp metal forms and expert craftsmanship are brought together seamlessly to create elegant and highly wearable jewelry.

Bree’s jewelry can be found in galleries across the country. She also has collections in museums such as: The Guggenheim Museum in New York City, The Decordova Museum in Concord, MA. The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC as well as many other museums across the country.

She currently resides in Natick, MA with her family and many pets.

Roule and Company

New York – Roule & Co is husband and wife design team Christopher Roule and Laurin Lucaire.

Throughout his career, Mr. Roule has designed innovative and iconic jewelry, using streamlined simplicity, tactile communication, and kinetic movement as his touchstones. His trademark wireform metalwork, used throughout the Wired Collection, is a labor of love that he has been developing and refining for the last decade. Always pushing the boundaries of his materials, he conceived a design language that has much in common with architecture or industrial design, using gold and gemstones the way an engineer might use steel or glass.

A graphic designer by trade, Ms. Lucaire brings to the collection a passion for concept, color, and pattern. Though she and Mr. Roule collaborated on numerous jewelry projects over the years, the two joined forces as Roule & Co in 2010.

The Roule & Co design studio is located in New York City, overlooking Art Deco landmark Rockefeller Center. All pieces in the Wired Collection are made locally.


Marta is the Maker, Muse, Model, and Wearer.

Marta is independent. She is an avid patron of the arts, a traveler, and one who appreciates the effortless elegance of a modern strand of pearls.

Named for those who inspire us, each necklace is strikingly bold, minimal in form, and subtle enough for daily wear.